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Online Textbook Orders

Online orders for textbook and course related material require that you must be a Taft College student, registered in a current course. Failure to be registered can be subject to cancellation of your order.

Textbook Rental Program

In the event that your course requires a rental textbook you must adhere to the Textbook Rental Program. If you currently do not have an ASB sticker you may add one to your cart by clicking the Supplies Tab , then select ASB sticker and place in your cart. ASB STICKER

Refund Policy

When placing an online order please be aware that course materials, pricing and availability are subject to change without notice. Please refer to our Refund Policy for return and refund information.

By clicking CONTINUE and using the website, you agree to and understand the above and give the Taft College Bookstore permission to complete the necessary action to process your order. This includes but is not limited to the automatic charge of an ASB sticker to participate in the Textbook Rental Program, if a current sticker cannot be located from your student records. If you have any questions please send message to the store. Contact Us

An A B S sticker is required to participate in the rental program